13 November 2010

Secret is secret!

ive been sharing secrets with these person for quite sumtime.
it is a SECRET as long as they keep it to themselves rite?
once its out, cant call it a secret anymore.
isnt it?
but reliable person are hard to get nowadays.
im not shaken with the fact.
its just that it has become so pathetic for the non-secret-keeper.
to be sooooo unreliable in this unreliable world of ours.
havent they think that keeping a secret is easy?
u keep mine, i keep urs.
n u dont have to say the word 'DEAL' to seal it as a secret.
juz say that 'DONT TELL ANYBODY' is enuff i guess.
but not for u.
its been years ok!
n now only its leaking.
ur not some kind of pvc pipe that i juz used.
or maybe u rusted bcoz ur not pvc.
but metal.
useless metal.
cheap one.
bcoz of your type of person my life is messy.
i dont have to tell u how messy it has become.
since i cant tell u anything anymore.
its juz unbelievable!
telling secrets to people that will drag u down somedays.
n u dont know when is the days..
but its coming ahead!
there's no RIP for u if u die.
even now im praying for uncomfortable life waiting for u.
coz i hate u.
ive been shutting my mouth for all sake.
but its never been better for u huh?
u never think of another life around u..
u pretend like u are innocent and nice.
so people will like u more..
n never understand of y people like me hates u a lot!
u put me into an ugly shoes.
but plz dont forget that u still havent pay my money.
ur debts to me.
my money! ok?
bcoz its mine so i want it.
if u hate me so much, plz dont come closer to me.
juz go away.
so i wont blog about u in my precious blog.
i juz hate the way u give plenty of reasons.
juz to save ur life from being hang.
so that u still can sniff the fresh air.
which i hope someone will fart.
so that the smell will choke u.
as i said, i hate u.

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