27 May 2010

im a JERK!!

wut im supposed to say anymore??

i am a JERK!!

as always.. i hurt ppl..

thats really me..

plz dont fall with my attitude..

im a very very very bad girl..



movie marathon!! no sweat..sure gain weight..^_^'

lets talk about latest movie in our cinema (did we buy cinema together?) that hits n causing them gain a lot. (jealous to them! can i borrow rm100 plz to watch another movie??huhu) juz watched SHREK FOREVER AFTER on tuesday. only few people in the hall made me feel odd to laugh since shrek never let u down. (who's with me?? nvm. lupa nk rasuah korg). seriously, even the movie is a sad one, but for kids, they should learn sumthing from this not-really-cute green ogre. wut izit u think?? ooooowww..waittt!!! if u wanna know, watch it by urself ya. since this movie is really recommended to those who 'layan' shrek from the beginning. but for beginners, dont hesitate to run d shrek cd (not pirated one ok!) or dwld it from any source coz its kinda fun to watch it together with donkey and puss-in-boots. wut a combination!! love it a lot!! 10/10 for them!

but movies r really an unfinished business to some people (including me??) who really crazy about watching hot-hot one. hehe. actually, i used to think that watching movies in cinema is such a waste, if u talk about money for sure bcoz in piracy world, u definitely can get d cd for rm 5 maybe?? but i never buy 1 ok! never! only borrowed from the buyers n it takes about quite sumtime for me to understand how beautiful it is to watch movies in the big,dark hall with other people. for funny movies, u can laugh together wit them n thats really happening!! i watched AVATAR b4 wit emed gurls n i screamed like crazy in d hall (even less ppl in there but who cares??) together wit d loud background sound from d movie bcoz im enjoying it to d fullest!! haha. funny dowh~

but yeah..as i said..its an un finished business. i watched another 2 movies yesterday (wednesday is a cheap day for movies isnt it?? n i love it!) which both movies are in diff places n d gap btwn it only 1 hour 30 mins!! who knows i made it?? but LATE!!!! huhu

first movie on wed-cheap-day is FURRY VENGEANCE..i dont know how to classify this movie since it doesnt make me laugh like SHREK did n its bcoz im late for d movie (again??) so d excitement reduced to 50% n its hardly going up to 80% bcoz i think that movie is so-so n quite ri-donkey-lous (usually ridiculous. thanx puss -.-"). this movie is about a developer who's trying to develop a small town n stopped by animals in the jungle. i dunno exactly wuts d beginning of d movie since i came in late. about 10-15 mins late i guess?? n i juz had an unpleasent as i drive to d 1st place. that cause my mood really go down. wewewewewew~ (shud b d sound of about-to crash aeroplane. can u imagine it??)

as if u can see, there's a racoon (very notty) who's d head of all animal to run d mission against this guy (dunno his name. izit Dan? or And? haha). i cant imagine being in this guys life with the mess made by notty racoon, followed by skunk (stinky to death!), bear (kinda usual to me), some birds n beavers which clearly seen (by my beautiful eyes) which some of them acted using puppets n graphic. so boring~ but u can watch it if u want. erm.. 5/10 from me.. hihi

hah! finally we made it to the climax which i looooove it a lot!! i told u isnt it that gap btwn 2 movies only 1 hour 30 mins?? very unfortunate to my beautiful eyes+low processor in my big head, 2nd movie start at 9 pm!!! n d gap is only 1 hour which i dunno where in part of d world i can add another extra 30 mins which simply kills d beautiful beginning of my 2nd movie. huhu. even my mood drop (i dont remember picking them up), but this movie surely catchy! ahhh.. thats y i like Gerard Butler. he never let me down. he isnt shrek, isnt he?? huhu again. i present to u my beloved n feveret all d time for yesterday, BOUNTY HUNTERRRRRR!!! its juz nice an my mood crawls back to my seat n increasing til it fly to nowhere..ohohoho.. am i too much??

now let give only a brief description about this movie. its about a guy who's trying 2 put his wife into jail. sounds nice isnt it? i believe so! it is really a nice movie n i regret so much that i didnt look carefully at d time for this movie (am i d one who's doing d booking?) but nvm. im totally 100-percently satisfied n happy with it. its not a serious movie ya. hall is 70% full for this movie (even d uncle next to me able to sleep n even snore!! can u believe it?? haha) but all of us surely enjoy it. sweet n funny! maybe its bcoz i like seeing gerard acting. no offense but he's really hot! haha.. notty me.. (but im not a racoon).

my eyes r 2 heavy rite now n i need some sleep (which i promised not to hv them after my Subuh prayer) but still.. today gonna wait for TM ppl to come. for wut? i juz dont care since they lied about coming yesterday. haih.. dont make me wait today la.. dats all i ask.. ohh.. im tired.. pls.. forgive me for breaking my promises but its for my own good. can i break my promise about sleeping? it wont harm anybody, i assure u. isk3.. im sleeping... im sleeping...

24 May 2010

wut im doing??

juz got up from a very refreshing shleep (not sheep ok!)
pastu kedunguan tatau nk watpe so wat blog la jwbnye..
sbb xde peneman la katakan..
alone is not fun at all!!
thats y aku suke kaco org yg tgh tdo klu aku dh mangon.ngehehe~
btw arini bejalan g urus lcd komputer je.

sbnrnye dah few days ngurus mende alah ni tp nk cari d best deal ever since ni bkn brg milik aku kn n aku pun nolong org carik je.
dpt la tmbh ilmu di dada yg x nmpk dek org ni..hehe
so meh la aku story sket psl aku yg aku tau ni..

for d past few days (almost weeks), we've (bkn i ke??hehe) been searching for lcd monitor brand HP 24-inches to fit sumbody's request. since HP doesnt release any 24-inches lcd in our beloved country (dont ask me wuts our country if ur not malaysian), so we hv to change our field of searching. we were looking at DELL lcd monitor since thats another brand that can beat HP quality (am i wrong?). found it! 24-inches lcd monitor from DELL!! but once it was confirmed, no stock available from any sources!! truely sad tau! suddenly saw SAMSUNG but 23-inches. ok la kot.

as if u read my story, wont u b asking y izit so hard to get 24-inches lcd monitor? its not hard at all actually but wut makes it so out of senses are d spec. d person want a 24-inches lcd monitor from HP which can adjust d height of d lcd (since he is short i believe) and can tilt n swivel as well. he juz wants to sit nicely on his chair without standing up n turn his beautiful lcd monitor to any person next to him. isnt it sounds lazy? yes indeed! haha.. money surely can buy anything! ohh!! not forgetting about d ultimate spec that made my other searching-mate impressed is the lcd can turn 90 degrees!!! like this!! everything happen without moving d lcd plane an inch! phm ke korg? ye la. korg kt umah tu, nk tgk monitor member, kene pusing monitor tu skali dgn tapaknye tp yg ini, tapak lcd tu x gerak lgsg! tu yg dinamakan IPS - in plane switching. kagum gak ah sbnrnye.. cuma ni bkn model eye on malaysia ye since eom tu btul2 bley turn 360 but not this lcd! beware~

arents u guys impressed too?? im not since i do believe our cars can fly somedays. thats wut technologies do!! hihi~ finally Allah helps us in our searching n we got a source for DELL. once i touch the lcd, i think my lil baby (which is not around yet) enjoy playing with d lcd (without turning it on!) since it can be move to many positions. haha. but positively, my hubby will enjoy it first without me. huhu

but wut made me feel annoyed during d searching is d stupidity of those people in lowyat who dont know about the existance of such lcd! can they laugh at us?? how dare u!! huhu.. angry u know but wut can i say.. even me doesnt work in IT field but now im cleverer than them. haha. really stupid la.. confirm keje kt lowyat sbb nk duit jek! bluekk~

syukurlah.. done with d searching. before closing d day, buy some tudung for myself. happy!! thanx benefactor again!! i'll repay u once i get my bonus!! hihi.. xoxoxo (kene amik pic tudung gak ke??)

p/s- 1) nape tetiba aku rase mcm bi aku mongok je ek?? huhu..

2) sbnrnye sgt excited nk cite psl lcd tu tp x cukup vocab la plak. sob3

3) bley x bg idea cmne nk kemas umah?? haha..

13 May 2010

today mom's going 2 arrive @ KLIA n i hv to pick them up. them? yupp! mom, dad & lil bro.
then trus ke tmpt yg dituju~ kemana?? rahsiaaaaaaaaaa...~

btw tgh penat mengemas dapur yg dah berkurun x bersentuh tu. sabo je la bila tgk dinding yg dah mcm gua kelam (which gua kelam is better then dinding tu) yg dah mempunyai artifak hasil dr sentuhan tgn ke senduk yg digaul2 kt dlm kuali. haha. ape mksdnye?? dinding kt dapur atas stove la. sob3. abis tgnku yg licin micin ini karna kau dinding! sila byr pampasan dgn bg aku bonus tahunan! ngehehe~
tp tgn ini akan selamat slps ini kerana aku dh ade glove baru kaler oren!!!

(not really dis one tp lebey kureng mcm ni la. hehe. santek!~) thanx benefector *-*

so far, keje x siap lg tp since glove dah ade, lg semangat ah nk wat keje. now nk clean up meja stove tu lak. OMG! i adore kitchen cabinet! for what? for my house la. xkn for korg nyer house lak. lemak ah cmtu. hehe

ni sample yg aku rembat dr tenet. hehe. saje jek. inspiring sket wlupun x bape santek mcm yg aku idamkn. umah semban g nk pkai kitchen cabinet. mak balik ni, WAJIB bwk g IKEA utk tgk kitchen cabinet. pastu terpulang la nk pilih yg mane. anakmu sedia membantu~

oye, since skrg tgh cuti yg aku spatutnye menstudykn diri (yg aku x buat lg), aku sebok nk hias umah. puas la aku go tru byk blog yg suke deco2 umah + cat2 umah n rasa terpanggil utk cat bilik tidur aku aka my sweet room. sharing room actually tp partner aku ni bek ati la sbb dia pun turut meng-google-kn diri utk cari cat ape yg best utk ditempekkn dinding tu. x lupe gak some decoration to make my room looks ALIVE~ hmm..

hah! cmni la yg aku nak! hahaha. x ke senget pale otak aku ni klu aku deco wall aku cmni? tah sape la yg obses sgt dgn game super mario yg aku dok men utk berjaga lpas sahur berbelas tahun yg lalu. kui3.. ala.. nk deco skit2 je. tp biarla rahsiaaaaa cmne rupa deconye. agak2 dah deco nnt, br leh blagak. k la yer. nk g menjemur2 then sambung wat keje. tata~