17 January 2015




I wonder what does that mean.

And now I know.

Not only the meaning.

But also able to feel it.

Right here, right now.

Deep inside.


Its eating me from inside.


Back to Allah, Nadia.

You know He's the ONLY ONE that you have permanently in your life.

Who has never leave your side even for a second.

Who has never forget about you.

Who has given all sorts of test to you in order for you to always remember Him and come back to Him for help.
While others are leaving you, making you feel the emptiness, lost of love, He's always there.

Waiting patiently and never loose hope on you.


Out of so many things, the only thing that I cant accept is the look --- was it fake?

Has everything gone --- just like that?

I'm hurt.

But i believe its not important.

May Allah assist me in fixing this. 


Allah's love is enough.

But His love comes in many ways which some of it I've taken for granted --- unnoticed.

May Allah ease my journey, strengthen my spirit and guide me to a better path in the future.

May Allah provide me His Mighty Love during this hard time.

May this test turn me and also my little khaliff in becoming a strong person.

I really need it.


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