16 January 2015

My cute hubby...


Tengah bercuti ni sebab ada urusan kat rumah yang tak setel. Later i story k.

Tengah browse cari barang baby kat internet, tiba-tiba rasa lucu dengan satu benda.

Teringat bila hubby insist nak beli Johnson&Johnson baby oil kat midvalley last month without knowing whats the purpose and solely based on checklist dari internet. (which i refused to buy, of course)

And there's another moment lalu tempat baby lagi and still nak grab baby oil. (and i'm persistently refusing....)

Hehe. CUTE!

I know you're gonna be a great father and Imam to me & our beautiful children. Keep the cuteness going ya.


Your wife, Mommy-to-be (In Shaa Allah..)

P/S - but the kryptonian thingy is still doubtful.

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