20 March 2011

CBS, IJN dan ...... pakistan??

hi frenz..
after a long day yesterday, now have come the shortest day (which is today, since i overslept.hehe)..
ohhh sunday... please move slowly...
my assignment wasnt finished yet..
tomorrow have to present it to evaluater..
think im dead before time.. hwaaa!!!
my condolescence to my cbs-mate, johari, coz he lost me in this cbs battle..
hehehe..haywire already...

ok nvm..
skip that part..
coz im still alive to finish my entry..
haha..cheating rite? most students lost their souls the moment their lecturer give assignment..(thats my thought!)
becoz i do!! usually not only my soul, also my body got lost once i know who im pairing with in order to finish the task. if i hate them, im totally white tag (other words, dead!)
currently im fine (with increasing white hairs on my head).. finishing my cbs + my entry.. *sigh*
*why am i doing my entry right now??

ok. skip that part.
last week i went to IJN, visiting my uncle who should undergo a heart surgery. 3 arteries identitified harden on his heart causing him lots of pain. the pain got worsen when suddenly the doctor/surgeon who incharge on his case, changed to another hospital without any notice to the patients. 
so what happen is, all doctors are fully booked without out-of-hands cases and now my uncle have to add more burden to the doctors who dont have any idea of what his problem is.
since he already waited for 3 months for the surgery, so he admit himself in IJN for the reason of want to get a doctor to handle his case. thank God that his doesnt have to wait long. after less than a week admitting himself, he undergone the surgery (i dunno who conduct it) and the doctors found that only 2 arteries can be fixed. the other one is so hard that the doctors cant take the risk to fix it too. so sorry for my beloved uncle.
not only that, suddenly his BP turns up-side-down and haywire. from a normal BP to 79/44 mmHg and even to 180/90 mmHg out of sudden. so ICU where he is now. 

today is the 5th days he admitted in ICU and his behaviour changed dramatically from a very sweet and soft uncle to a very petulant man. everything seems wrong for him. he even fought with nurses in the ICU, making them hating us, the family. but yesterday my mom able to talk with one of the nurses, telling that my uncle isnt such a person before and please forgive him for this instance that his pain causing him to act this way.
but at least, he smiled at me on my visit! love u uncle!

im hoping that he'll get better soon and get back his sense and become the nicest uncle that i ever had. even i know that my mom has become so traumatic with ICU since my uncle passed away few months ago in ICU. what i can do is pray for his wellness. may Allah give him the best, since he already had the best with him, his family. Amin.

and now u've come to my point of entry..
ehehe..im so excited to tell u this story.. (coz i cant tell my mom. she'll get mad!)
on my way home last nite, driving alone and targetting to arrive within an hour time..
i was like having fun ALONE...syok sendiri..
since the road is quite empty, with few cars only..
so i managed to drive on the right lane..(not so fast, 110 kmh only)
but im the fastest among others la.. hehe
till a moment, a pink kancil 'sits' in front of me (on the right lane) and didnt even bother about my existance on his back..
haih kancil.. please move away... my BIG car wants to pass....(grunt already)
but that kancil dont give a piece of taik at me.. driving like he own the road!
and a waja was very close at the back of mine.
so nvm la.. i give way to the waja, hoping that he can get rid of the kancil.
but the waja got tension since the kancil doesnt want to move away!
so waja changed to middle lane.. trying another way to memotong kancil.
i started to laugh watching this scenario, since i was following the waja quite close too..
the waja really uncapable to drive over the kancil.. coz the kancil seems to speed up..
owh... showing your fang aa...( nk tunjuk taring ea... -i know, its a direct translation for u.haha)
when the waja turned to a junction, i was being left with the kancil (not really left by la..)
so i tried to drive over the kancil (which kancil is in the middle lane, and me on the right lane)
for 160++ kmh, i still unable to make it. the kancil is really a crack on weekend's night..
seems like he wants a race.. but seriously im not his match.. *sigh*
but i already laughing when he passing by me...(think he noticed me laughing)

OMG! my english is so terrible that i cant even continue telling u this story in my stupid english!
please forgive my idiocity.. or idiotness... or just idiot is enough!
do allow me to continue in malay please...
thank you!

so ape yg berlaku afterward is so funny.
kat jalan tu ade trafik lite, 2 lane. kancil tu kat right lane, upon reaching the traffic lite, dia tukar pegi lane kiri. so aku nk taknak terpaksa dok lane kanan. tp aku stop blakang skit dr dia la. takot dia cam sape yg bwk kete mcm tikus kejar kucing nih. huhu.
ingatkan aku slamat. skali dia reverse kete die da...mampos!
selari beb. aku tau, klu aku pandang kiri, mesti akan nmpk dia. so aku pon ke depan skit.
dia folo gak ke depan. time tu mmg aku dah x tahan nk gelak. so aku gelak sambil pandang dia.
mmg expecting budak2 nakal la yg racing memalam minggu neh..
skali tgk???
muka pakistan daaaa!!!
cuak sey aku!
trus aku pandang dpn, telan air liur n pikir ape cara yg aku bleh buat to get rid of him.
so lepas trafik lite tu, dia folo rapat beb! kat dpn aku lak ade kete rosak! pergh..aku nk le ke kanan kn..
tetiba dia dah dok kanan aku, and menghimpit! eish budak ni... kot ye pon nk bg aku langgar kete rosak kt dpn tu pon, kesian la kat aku yg berjantina pompuan ni. sob3. hehe.
so trus aku terbayang aksi2 lasak kete dlm movie tu..
kete bawak lelaju trus tetibe brek mengejut supaya pihak lawan drive terus.. and aku buat!
hahaha.. suke yg x terhingga bila dia yg tgh menghimpit kat kanan aku trus meluncur ke dpn tatkala aku brek dan trus dok kat blakang die. hah! amik kau! ingat aku x terer?? (blagak sey aku)

tp nmpknye dia masih x puas ati.. dia masih cuba utk dok blkg aku.. and himpit aku dr kanan.. and aku pon tatau la ape style lg dia nk buat. tp yg penting, bila dia himpit kanan je, aku brek and dok blkg dia. lama2 tu, dia ingat yg aku dah xde skil lain kot, so dia angkat tgn and trus pecut laju. time tu rase bersyukur yg amat sgt sbb terlepas dr bala. so x la kang ade org pakistan kete pink masuk meminang plak sbb dia tau rumah aku ktne. huhu.

aku tau cite aku ni boring. tp aku sonok ah sbb ade kwn utk racing smlm. syukur gak aku selamat smpi umah. tu yg paling penting sbnrnye. and fakta ttg aku ialah aku takot bila drive lelaju tau. tp smlm tu mcm release tension la konon. hehe.

papepon, tlg jgn tiru ape yg aku buat meskipun aku tau korang lg slalu racing drpd aku. pandu cermat, jiwa selamat. ingatlah orang tersayang ye. lgpun siyes rupa dia mcm pakistan!!!! cuak aiii~
so better be safe than sorry..

tu je kot yg aku eksaited sgt nk cite. hehe. maaf la ye klu aku SS.. yg penting, aku dpt cite. puas ati den!
tata korang~

* syukur la aku x soil my baju kurung. huhu

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