16 June 2010


i couldnt sleep...
i tried sooooooo many times to go into the sleep..
but still cant..

so helpless when it comes to sleep..
once there is unsolved matter..

some ppl still can snore loudly...
which will irritate others..
am i irritated??
guess so..

its just frustrating when ppl said... "there's no diff talking to me anymore"..
sounds like things cant b changed..at all!!
am i unchangeable??
arent u??
i shudnt b asking about others..
its all about me..
wut matters now is me..
being me is so sad..
cant make ppl happy..
so ppl only get mad with me..
so y shud u having me in ur life??
dont rely on me anymore..
i cant help u smile..
even myself cant smile..

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