23 February 2011

How to choose your religion?? -.-"

i know it sounds silly.
choosing your religion has a way?
yes it is!
to make it simple, just scroll down and u'll understand what i mean.

this is just sumthing 'unwise' that i want to share.
its not that i want u all to answer it in YES or NO, then deciding again whether u r in a right religion.
its totally a NO! ok??
i found it fun that how can choosing a religion can be done just by following this chart.
but thats just another masterpiece by a creative person that think religion is sumthing simple & people can decide it as easy as ABC.

but as u go through the flowchart.. what religion u end up at?

mine is still MUSLIM, since i like eating HUMMUS!
ask my frenz who have seen me eating it in the first time ever..

this is hummus!!
even it sounds like a fungus, its actually not.
for me, hummus is like a chappati dip with chickpea (kacang kuda) + olive oil.
sounds weird??
taste it by yourself!
available at HAVEN @ bukit ampang.
go go go~

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